The Music Team

The choir is very fortunate to have a very talented team providing the very best music leadership and coaching support and direction. The team is led by Musical Director, Liz Moulder, who joined the choir in 2009. Liz was joined by Gemma Marshall, as Principal Accompanist, in April 2017.

No choir could possibly function and perform to its best without great deputies. Deputy Conductor is long-standing choir member and tremendously knowledgeable, Peter Whitworth and Deputy Accompanist is the talented Rob Edwards. Both Peter and Rob sing with the choir, in the bass and second tenor sections, respectively.

Liz has also produced an invaluable guide  to looking after your voice and developing good vocal technique. Click to follow the link to Liz’s Vocal Technique advice.

Find out more about Liz and Gemma, by following the links below:

Liz Moulder – Musical Director
Gemma Marshall – Principal Accompanist