Vocal Technique – Looking After Your Voice

Some singers fail to use common sense when dealing with their voices. The physical demands on all singers, whatever genre, necessitate good health beginning with an awareness of your overall physical well-being. 


  • Do not attend a rehearsal or concert if you have a throat, ear or chest infection
  • Read all instructions and note the side effects of any medicine
  • ‘Resting’ the voice means exactly that. Do not talk. Stay in a warm, but not too dry, atmosphere. Sip water!
  • Avoid the use of alcohol, caffeine, cake and chocolate especially before, or during a rehearsal or concert
  • Be aware that dairy products can exacerbate the production of extra mucus in some people
  • Recent medical evidence is suggesting that remedies containing menthol-related ingredients are not good for the throat especially the vocal folds
  • If you feel you require a throat pastille, try Vocalzone available over the counter at many chemists
  • Always warm up the vocal folds
  • Pace yourself. Be aware of the length of the concert/rehearsal and never sing a programme at full volume!
  • The benefits of drinking water throughout the day are known. Drink during rehearsals
  • Please inform your MD or vocal coach if you have had any major surgery or are undergoing intensive therapy of any sort
  • Check your posture
  • Sitting in rehearsals also demands good posture
  • Lower chest breathing and support along with an ‘open’ throat will produce good tonal quality
  • Breathe filling to the bottom of the lungs where possible
  • The attack or onset of a note should be produced without too much breath or a hard glottal attack.
  • All singers have an optimum vocal range
  • Tension in the jaw, lips and palate will result in poor articulation as well as poor tonal production
  • Listening is one of the most important skills a singer can develop

*If you travel /holiday in France you can buy a natural remedy over the counter called Euphon, which is excellent if you have lost your voice

Polite Request: Any member of a choir who is affiliated to the NAC may use these notes. Please contact liz.moulder@btinternet.com outside of the group.t talk, (that includes a forced whisper) take the necessary medication and stay in a warm, but not too dry, atmosphere.

You can open, download or print a PDF copy of the above advice.