These pages are here to help us all continue to learn our music at home. There are three main sections:

  1. Liz may provide us with tuition for specific songs and, wherever possible, we will be able to access sound files for us to listen and sign along to. (To see Liz’s Learning, use the link on the left.)
  2. Other sound files for songs that currently do not have coaching notes from Liz. These will normally have each part listed separately and one track which lets you listen to all four parts together. (Use the link on the left – Member info and practice music)
  3. There will be a growing ‘teach yourself music with ECMVC’ section, which Liz and Rob have been working on. This section will consist of modules that you can individually select and read as many times as you wish. These modules will help us better understand the words, squiggles and other marks we always see in front of us when we read our music copies. Liz takes every opportunity to teach us about these things at practice – but it’s nice to be able to revise these things when we are at home. (Use the link on the left.)

To access these sections, please click or tap the appropriate link on the left of the page.