Warm up exercise videos

The videos below are warm up exercises that have been extracted from the recordings of the choir Zoom sessions held each Tuesday evening. The exercises were devised by Liz as part of the week’s online practices. All you have to do is click/tap the ‘play’ arrow and the video will automatically start no matter what type of device you’re using.

You can use whichever exercises you like in any order and, just like any video, you can fast forward and/or rewind to find exercises that you think you need.

Liz has produced a very helpful index that lists the main activities and focuses in each video lesson. Try some – it’s important to keep exercising like this for the health of our bodies, minds and voices, so do have a go. Dip in and out of them to support your vocal skills or just for a bit of fun!

More exercises will be added as the Zoom sessions will be continuing for some time yet.


Lesson 1

  • Block breathing
  • Humming down the five notes with a new technique for a warmer sound


Lesson 2

  • Revise humming technique
  • Using ‘glissando’ up and down a fifth. (sliding through the notes!)
  • Short new melodic line built on the triad to encourage aural training


Lesson 3

  • Aural training – recognising nursery rhymes from their rhythm only
  • Encouraging moving the rib cage out to help breathing technique
  • Physical stretching exercise sitting down
  • Revise humming
  • Placing vowels correctly in the mouth
  • Vowels –  using long notes with crescendo and decrescendo


Lesson 4

  • Aural training recognising intervals
  • Physical warm up – Stretching the back
  • Revise humming
  • ‘Peter Piper’ sung down the scale
  • Fun item! Singing ‘Cheese and Crackers’ to the Hallelujah Chorus


Lesson 5

  • Physical warm up – head , shoulders etc
  • Aural training recognising intervals
  • Revise humming
  • Singing intervals up and down the scale
  • Fun Item – Singing Good king Wenceslas to ‘Doot Doot’!


Lesson 6

  • Stretching the face muscles
  • Aural – recognising the rhythms of nursery rhymes
  • Descending scales to Mi mi mi mi mi mi mi mi  ma ma ma
  • Singing long notes with crescendo and decrescendo
  • Fun Item – My Bonnie missing out words!