We’re still going strong!

Despite the lockdown, members of ECMVC continue to work hard at home practising the newest songs in the repertoire, using tracks specially produced for this purpose on a members only section of the website. These tracks allow choristers to sing along to the music which has a focus on their specific part. Certainly keeps you on your toes!

In addition, MD Liz has been providing members with regular homework tasks which all help to maintain the discipline required for choral singing. 

Many of ECMVC are active members of a special WhatsApp group, which enables us to keep in touch and exchange jokes, greetings and the occasional video or photo.

Speaking of photos, you might be interested to see our latest video. The introductory text explains: “What would we do without our music? Our lives are certainly not the same without the choir but you can see we’ve not been idle. Here’s a video montage of what some of us have been up to – and we vow to be back just as soon as we can!”

Here’s a link to the video on YouTube. We hope you enjoy it:

We’ve also been busy digitising the three ECMVC vinyl albums – Make Mine Music (1976), Fireside Favourites (1978) and In Harmony (1984). All the tracks are now available on YouTube, so you can search for ‘Eastwood Collieries’ Male Voice Choir’ on YouTube and you should see a great selection of older tunes from the choir.

To make it easier, each of the albums has its own YouTube playlist, which you can find by searching as described above. But, to give you a taster of each album, here are some tracks we’ve selected for your listening pleasure, right now:

You can keep up to date with all our news by reading these occasional newsletters, checking our Facebook page and watching for the occasional tweet on Twitter.


In the meantime, we hope you are staying safe and well…