A fabulous end to a series of four great concerts

Sunday 4 November and what a fantastic evening of wonderful music, when our new friends from Leigh Orpheus Male Voice Choir visited us whilst on their tour of the East Midlands. A very large audience were treated to individual choir performances and joint items, when around 100 voices produced a very full and rich sound whilst singing Comrades in Arms and What Would I Do Without My Music.

The audience were treated to a fun-filled performance and gave both choirs and their respective music teams standing ovations. Another fabulous night of fine entertainment in Eastwood.

Both choirs paid tribute to those who fell and were wounded during the First World War, marking the occasion of the centenary of the end of that dreadful conflict. ECMVC performed again the carefully choreographed section which included Oh! It’s a Lovely War!, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary (with dramatic conclusion) and the powerful song of hope, If We Only Have Love. This section of items was too powerful to simply forget, so a representation of it has been put together in a short video (link below). It features a couple of snippets of items and is ECMVC’s online tribute to those who sacrificed so much.